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Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Best tool to Erase History on Android devices! This is the ad free version of History Eraser! One touch cleaner! History Eraser can erase history data on your Android device, cleanup your phone, delete your search history, remove your calllog, delete sms, clean your clipboard, clear all apps' cache files, clear frequently callded, and erase market search history.

It is similar to ccleaner on the pc. It is a good sweeper. 1 click to clear all cached files for getting more available space and free memory. very easy to use!click one button and sweep all! no root permission required! Good privacy guard. free up storage and free up memory

★Clear Browser History
★Clear Call Log
★Clear text messages
★Clear Market Search History (including new market history of v3.0.26)
★Clear Google Map Search History
★Clear Gmail Search History
★Clear Clipboard Data
★Clear Youtube Search History
★Clear Google Search History(Android >= 1.6)
★Clear all app cache files
★Clear Frequently Called (Frequently Contacted)

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INFOLIFE, Make Life Easier!

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----version 2.5.5 changes:
1.add sms clear options to one touch list
now we can seperately del 4 kinds of thread,including:
a) Sent SMS/MMS
b) Received SMS/MMS
c) Failed SMS/MMS
d) SMS/MMS Draft

By using setting menu, you can alse choose not to del sms/mms when screen off or you can choose not to delete locked/protected sms/mms

2.auto start when phone bootup
users can enable auto start by using setting menu.

----version 2.5 changes:
1.add auto clear and preference setting
you can have schedule clear by menu-> setting -> select Clear When Screen Off.It will auto execute your last clear operation when screen off.
you can also set notification bar icon here and turn on phone rom memory statistics display.

2.add frequently called (Frequently Contacted) clear
some devices have a frequently called list in favorites tab.now the delete operation of this list is available.

3.add phone memory status showing
show your phone rom memory statistics.you can see how much memory freed after clear.

4.use new text message deletion and move this function to menu options
txt message deletion option moved to menu,you can delete all of your sms/mms by menu-> Del All SMS/MMS,Be ware that ALL of your text message will be deleted even if they are locked!

5.add option to show notification bar
you can show notification bar to have a quick switch.to enable this:
menu->Setting->check Notification Bar Icon.

6.adjust item display order.
move clear all apps cache function to the top of the list.

----version 2.0 add a app cache file cleaner.
what is app cache file?
app cache files are similar to Temporary Internet Files on pc.
Caching pages and other multimedia content, such as video and audio files, from websites visited by the user. This allows such websites to load more quickly the next time they are visited
and app cache file is generated when the app have accessed to the internet.you can now use history eraser to clear this kind of files to save your phone memory and speed up your phone!you can clear cache files to force apps to fetch new data from the
server instead of use local old cache. eg. you can use this tool to browser new apps released in the android market in real time by clear cache files.

***Features under development***
1,contacts history or sms history in motorola phones:
Motorola doesn't share their communication logs with other apps,I am still working on it to figure out a way to clear this history.

Recent changes:
1.fixed the cleaning of new android market history (v3.0.26)
2.removed INTERNET related permissions
3.fixed a failure of auto clear which caused by the task killer
4.using colored alert for dangerous operations

(This is a major update, if you have any problem, please email me)

Latest version: 2.6.0 (for all Android versions, supports App2SD)

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