The Adventures of Tintin HD v1.0.3
The Adventures of Tintin HD

Overview: Relive Tintin’s adventures in the official game of the movie!
Requires: Android
App Name And Version: The Adventures of Tintin v1.0.3
Size: 2.96 MB
File Format: Apk
Change Log:

Explore the exciting world of The Adventures of Tintin in the official Android game of the movie! Treasure and adventure await those who seek to unravel the Secret of the Unicorn!

Download The Adventures of Tintin HD v1.0.3 :
Duke Nukem 3D download
Duke Nukem 3D v1.0.6 (1.0.6) Android Apk Game

Los Angeles. Under attack by aliens intent on stealing our chicks for breeding. Duke Nukem 3D springs into action dealing damage like only he can, making his "insightful" comments along the way. If you've never played a Duke game, this is your chance to see why he's been a fan favorite since 1991, with over 18 original Duke Nukem games since that time. Duke Nukem is not the typical faceless hero -- he's an in-your-face hero who has a personality that doesn't quit. Yes, it's a B-movie plot, but that's what makes it fun!


Metacritic Player Rating: 9.4 of 10.

"It's the ultimate game for unleashing all your pent-up aggression. It is the most astonishing game we've laid our eyes on for ages! In fact, it makes pretty much every PC game we've ever seen - "Doom" included - like slightly dull. Honestly!" -- PC Gamer

"It's more inventive, and more entertaining, than "Doom." I know they've had long enough to get it right (but so have many others, who've tried and failed)." -- Computer and Video Games

"It's rare when a game comes along that really kicks your ass. With its free-flowing 3D action, over-the-top weapons, and ruthlessly attitudinal protagonist, Duke Nukem will have PC gamers worldwide rubbing their rumps with spine-tingling glee." -- Gamespot

"I couldn't stop laughing while playing this extremely enjoyable trip through what unfolds like a 1950's science fiction B-movie: Space Aliens Invade Earth for Women!...Duke Nukem 3D has what most first-person shooters don't - character!" -- PC Gameworld

Duke Nukem 3D (c)2011 3D Realms, Inc. All rights reserved. Developed by MachineWorks Northwest LLC.

* Optimized for all newer multi-touch devices
* Native support for large tablet sized devices such as the Xoom
* Dual stick or new "drag to look" controls
* Installs to SD by default
* Includes Episode 1
* Episode 2 and 3 available via Google In App Billing

Download Duke Nukem 3D

Android Market, home to tens of thousands of applications, is an amazing resource. However, it is not the only one. In fact, some of the most amazing applications are not available on the market, and in some cases never will be because of Google's guidelines.

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Step 2a: Copy

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Note that developers implement the shortcuts that show that are found in all Windows operating systems, a concern for all the handling characteristics of the text. Therefore, we can find an application that does not support them.


• Select - Shift + Shift + arrows or trackball

• Select All - Menu + a

• Copy - Menu + c

• Cut - Menu + x

• Paste - Menu + v

• Cancel - Menu + z


There are several applications in the Android Market, which allow a screenshot. Applications such as Drocap2, Screen Capture v1.2, 1.0 and Screenshots, allows you to use keyboard shortcuts, voice commands, or by shaking the phone to activate the screen capture. Once closed, the menu option allows the user to share this photo via e-mail or save to the SD card. At present, in all market applications, allowing the user to capture a screen requiring root privileges. Since most users do not want to root for their Android devices, a better solution might be to use the Android Software Development. This does not require you to connect your phone to your PC via USB and not only to eat from the same phone. There are three main steps to achieve this goal.

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