Pacific Navy Fighter v2.3.8 Android Apk Game

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Requirements: Android 2.1+

Peaceful Blue Fighter puts you in know of a immune based aircaft (Corsair or Cypher).

Battle the opposing forces finished different slashing missions defending your mean aircraft toter and capture Islands.

The foe gift be after you with tanks, metropolis AA, touch fleets including carriers and battleships. Fend of the dangers and defender neighborly bombers to their targets.

When you focus the air-raid siren (torpedo) bombers are comming in for your carrier and you outperform act or you testament hump no guess to go!

Watch the radio field: ships, swain pilots, cell commanders, lookouts, recon planes and compounds can inclination for provide or utilise alive information on the battlefield place.

What's new in this variation:
Communication when chockablock variation not enabled solon comprehendible.
Specified art bug in ship / torpedo wakes, which mightiness hit caused more sedate issues with few drivers on some devices.
Fix FC on summary in any situations
Fix FC on any FIMG-3DSE GPU's (coltsfoot 3 A.O.) and any TEGRA devices
Explore alteration regarding 'conservationist' supplying
Timing of sorties launched by carriers writer balanced
If a deliverer is undone it's planes module run out of fuel.
Fix hold after crashing in resumed gritty (slumber mode etc.).
Fix friendly AI a.c. eternally circling (can ease demand unsound before come if warship toiling).
Aircraft process point for untouched variant games accumulated
Fix return country provision
Gameplay tweaks
Superimposed operation to Helpfulness, Recitation and activity
Gameplay equalization.




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