How To: Copy And Paste In Android Mobile

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The copy, cut, paste and select the features Android has many nuances. In this how-to, we will focus on the essential method. In theory, this method will be available in any application or document via Android. At least, will be available in editable text that is present.

Please note that the implementation of the manipulation of the text has not been uniform, as the Android launch. This how-to you need the latest version of Android and the applications are all up to date. Older versions of operating system, this feature may be absent in certain situations.

Step 1: Select Menu, then more, click Select Text.

In most cases, you simply do not like, and then more, and then press the Select Text. This selects the entire text of the current field. A more accurate control, hold down the Shift key, then use the arrow keys or the trackball to select the text. Select the link, all those who use the hardware or the virtual keyboard has a menu + a.

Step 2a: Copy

Only release the entire text is copied to the clipboard. In scenarios where this is not applicable, press Menu, or just a long press on the screen, then select Copy All. C + Context menu is available through the keyboard.

Step 2b: Cut

With text highlighted, press and hold, then select Cut all. The context menu is Menu + x.

STEP 3: Hold, click Paste.

To give focus to text area (push), in which you want to paste the text. You can connect various applications. Hold and select Paste. Shortcut Menu + V

Note that developers implement the shortcuts that show that are found in all Windows operating systems, a concern for all the handling characteristics of the text. Therefore, we can find an application that does not support them.


• Select - Shift + Shift + arrows or trackball

• Select All - Menu + a

• Copy - Menu + c

• Cut - Menu + x

• Paste - Menu + v

• Cancel - Menu + z


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